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Why use flame retardant protective clothing for special types of work?

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2019/07/19 09:15
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With the rapid development of industry, people are facing more and more threats in their work and life. In order to resist such threats and reduce unnecessary losses, people use various protective equipment. Flame-retardant protective clothing is one of the most important ones. It can effectively protect workers from on-site operations. Damage to physical factors in the environment. 
The correct selection and use of flame-retardant protective clothing can effectively reduce the catastrophic clothing fire and save lives.
Nowadays, more and more countries have enacted mandatory laws requiring workers in dangerous situations to be equipped with appropriate personal protective equipment. Many multinational companies, such as Petronas, Shell, and Alcoa, have implemented personal protective equipment. Both formal and contract employees on site are required to work with personal protective equipment. China is also working. Workers wear personal protective equipment in many industrial fields.
The performance of the flame retardant protective suit is that the fabric has an automatic extinguishing performance when the flame leaves the fabric. After the flame retardant treatment, the corresponding flame retardant treatment technology is applied to the fabric to make it have self-extinguishing performance after the flame leaves.
Why use flame retardant protective clothing for special types of work?